There Is No Plan B

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.” Psalm 37:23

Yesterday (Oct. 23) on the way home from work I found the moon. It was one of those that made me just stop and be amazed. Not like literally stop, I was driving of course. Speaking of driving, why is the speed limit 45, and no one is going 45? Ok, Nichole, fine stop laughing at me. I am going 45 which means really that I am a turtle in a world of lizards. Also, speaking of driving, I took the wrong exit on the way to my dads twice looking at the moon. I LOVE the moon. Anyone who knows me knows that. I smile even when it’s just a little bit in the sky, but tonight it is full. I just got home and grabbed the pup, and we went to my favorite place. I use to go there all the time before I went to Moriah House. I know you are wondering, and waiting for me to tell you where this is, but it is just a road with no lights in the way. I can tell you how to get there, but if you need to know the exact location ask for me to share it with you on my iPhone. If you are counting on me to get you there just stay home you probably will not make it to the destination. I am not the lady on the phone who thinks she knows everything. Ok, anyway It has been more challenging to have my time with the Lord now that I have moved. So, I sat. I prayed. I was amazed as always. I argued. I let go. Then I got in my car, and came home. Now, here I am writing to you about the things in life that are hard when really I just want to tell you how lovely it is to have a bed topper. I would like to bore you with cat stories, and how I have one shoe and I can’t find the other. How do I only have one shoe? Or here’s this one. My work shoes (I only own one pair) are sitting at my moms so flip flops are on my feet. No big deal, you say. My toe nails are bright blue, and I can do nothing about this because everything is packed away. Bright blue.

Everything. Is. Packed. Away.

This move, this change has been a huge adjustment for me. I am not a fan of change anyway so add change galore and then throw me into the raging sea of panic.. woah buddy. BUT that is ok. It is, because I am really not panicking for once. Yes, it is me. No, I do not have fever. I just have peace, and that is weird. I mean, it should not be weird, but I have lived in a state of panic for awhile now that peace seems a little bit on the weird side. Yet nice.

You know, one time Abraham took off because the Lord told him to. True story. Ok, I know this is random, and I probably have no point to make really. These things just pop in my head and I just go with it. He for real did, though, I am not kidding. God said, “Hey, Abe, leave your home, your family, everything, and go to a land I will show you.” And he went. It does not say and then Abe argued and stomped his feet and threw a lot of “buts” at God. No. He just packed a suit case, grabbed his wife and Lot, loaded his camel, and told his family bye not knowing his destination just trusting in the One who did. Now, I know that the Lord told him what was to come if he obeyed, but I do not know about you; but I think he would have followed even if there were no blessings ahead just because the Lord said so. You do know, though, there are always blessings flowing when you are centered in the Lord’s will, right? Well, now you know if you did not.

“We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9

I do not know if he had his own plan. Plan B. I use to call my plans plan A until I figured it out.. God always has the plan A. There is never need for a plan B I just justify it somehow in to making one. Example for you: “I think you want me to do this, Lord, because I want to do it, too. It looks perfect. Move back to Pearl, my family is there!!” Plan B. When really WHO KNOWS what His plan is.. I don’t. I sure do not, and that use to bother me, but you know right now I am just to the point where I am trusting in the waiting. I can not say I was like Abraham who just went on about his merry way. No, I argued, a lot.. fought it, a lot…even ignored it, a lot. When I stopped wrestling with my plan over His, the peace came. I have not looked back since. I do not know where I am going. What the plan is. (I thought I did.) But the Lord does, and that is perfect in every way because He is perfect so how could It not be? So, you know what I am goin to do? I’ll tell you. Accept that I have blue toe nails, and maybe find my other shoe. Play with my pup. Eat like I am suppose to. Take it one day at a time.

Be okay in the waiting.

When all of this is over, my heart’s desire is to be able to say as David did in Psalm 17, “My steps have stayed on your path; I have not wavered from following you.” I guess maybe there was a point to Abe after all.


  1. Love this, Sara! I love that there is no plan B, just Plan A-God’s plan! Im proud of you in God’s waiting room! As we patiently wait on God’s direction, there are tremendous spiritual lessons along the way!!!! Keep on keeping on, sweet friend!

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