Though Seasons Change

I always seem to come here with the most random things on my mind. So random. I still have blue toenails, but I now have real shoes to wear to work. The pup woke me up at 4:30 (that would be A.M.) to party. He is a mornin person. So is my dad who gets up before the chickens. This is true I checked once. Speaking of chickens, my chicken, Barbara Ann, is a bully. I did not teach her these ways, and I tell her all the time to be kind to one another chicken. But you know, she is a bird she does not listen. My fish are still at MH. This stresses me out, because are they getting fed? How many times a day? If you feed Ferdinand too much he goes sideways, and then it’s a race against the clock to get him better. Does the fish sitter know these things?! Ya got to be careful in those areas. Is she talking to Jehoshaphat thirty minutes a day?

I have taught JD to sit and shake which happens to be the cutest. Sometimes I will tell him to sit and he will just automatically shake which is even more cute, and I think he has figured out he gets a whole treat for cuteness. Not accuracy. We are not perfect in this family. He also hides behind me when I am drying my hair, because I am convinced he is convinced the hair dryer is a monster. And if he is behind me it can not get to him. That is true. He likes to dig. And dig more. I do not know what he is digging for, but he is determined something is there. Yes, I will talk about my pup all the time because I love him, and I want to also throw him away 65.3% of the day. He is part alligator, Or shark, Or maybe even whale. He does like the water that is why I did not really go for land animals. Did you know that hippos are really mean? The Memphis zoo had a baby one awhile ago, and I just thought, “Man, I could swim with that little hippo”… and then I watched the animal planet. I realized swimming with hippos should come off of my bucket list immediately.

I am going to transition to serious for a minute or five. A lot of sad things happened this weekend. Stuff that just made me sick. Not like the sick where you got fever or hives or a rash or whatever else there may be. No, just that feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you sick. My friends are struggling again, people I love died, and MY future plans fell through. Good things happened too, though. Jamie Lynn and Yanna came for the day on Saturday. And we did all the laughing we could. Maybe that was the Lord preparing us for the days ahead. Through everything that has happened these past couple of days I have held on to two things..

1. The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all I need, he leads me beside peaceful streams, he renews my strength, guides me along the right path, even when I walk through the darkest valley I will not be afraid His rod and His staff- they comfort me. He is close beside me. Goodness and unfailing love will pursue (go after) me all..all means all.. the days of my life and I will dwell (to remain, stay) in the house of the Lord forever

2. Though the seasons change, the Lord remains the same. He is still on the throne. He does not leave me, or walk away when it gets hard. He does not bail because He can not pay child support. No. He stays. He stays for it all. Everything may be changing around me, but I can promise you, yes you, my God is the same. Despite the deaths.. despite the living situations, whatever it is. The leaves may be fallin, but the tree is still standing.

We, as in Moriah House clients, got the news that one our sisters met Jesus Sunday morning. Yeah, we’re family. How could we not be? We did life for months in a place together – through bad, through worse, through good, and through great. We bickered, and we laughed. We did dishes together, mopped the floor, cleaned bathrooms, you know like house things, and studied the word of God. Together. We prayed for one another and we believed for one another. We never left one alone. We stood strong when the other needed us. In my time working as staff there, I never saw another group with the bond that we carried, and I hated it for them. This news has brought some of us together, and as we talk about our friend (because that’s what you do when they’re gone) we just laugh. We laugh at all the things that made us smile, because you know why? We have hope. We know where our Linda is. Yes. I am sad. I cry right now writing this. But I know she is resting in the arms of Jesus.. possibly drinkin a coke. I mean, I do not know if that happens. Maybe she is singing in the choir. I LOVED to sing the old hymns, and she would sing along with me. I would be singing down the hall and I would hear her screaming it from the front. Confession: I was stalking her Facebook earlier, I know do not hold it against me. I came across something that she shared Saturday, and it said, “The greatest privilege God gives to us is the freedom to approach Him at any time.” Now she sits at His feet. Man, oh man, how I love that.

I have more on my mind. Basically things we should not disclose at the moment. I will say though today I talked to the recording lady. I HATE when she tricks me!! And it makes me even more upset that when I say I am good how are you? She just goes on with her business speech. They could at least program the lady who sounds very very real to tell how she is. Not bitter. Not bitter at all. I probably should move on with my agenda for the day. Which is work, more work, and I think I’ll just turn some of those hymns on and instead of whistling while I work, I’ll sing. I’ll sing for Jesus, and our Linda who by the way we never called her by that name. Nina. We called her Nina.



  1. Oh Sara,you are so accurate in expressing your feelings! I know Linda is smiling looking down on everyone and the best thing…she is at PEACE. No more struggles. I know she is proud of you and all the MH ladies. She is 100% healed! made new and singing ! ❤


  2. I love how you write! I smile, I laugh, and I cry some! I say Amen and I pray. So many emotions at once, but I love the fact that Jesus never leaves us and we can always approach Him at any time! He never change. Thank you for always singing even when lit is hard… love you.

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