Flies Everywhere

Sometimes I wish I could have been a fly on the shirt of one of the Israelites when Moses gave his speech about being still and watching God win the battle. It had to be epic. I also wish I could have been another fly (with an umbrella) on the shirt of Jonah when the storm came a ragin on through. Ya know, before he realized he was the reason yes and also before the big fish got him. That possibly was not epic, but probably more on the lines of terrifying for everyone involved. I do not know why I keep picking flies, but I for real wish I could have been a fly hangin out around Job is his deepest grief as he sat in the ashes with his friends, and probably also one in the crowd of the man who was healed from the possession of the demons (legion) You know which one I am talking about? The pigs and the angry farmers afterward? The man who went from super crazy to sane? It says it right there in the Bible- he sat there in his right mind, fully clothed.


Do you think at one point he was just a fella with a family? He was someone’s son, grandson, and maybe even a brother? I mean, Jesus did instruct him to go home and tell about what happened. That must mean or at least in my head he was not always the man who had the reputation of not wearing any clothes, and breaking the chains that the ones tried to keep on him. Something happened to bring him to the place where he was. I do not really know if it was instant for him, ya know? Demon possession is not my expertise, but the change when the darkness seems to invade the light usually does not just happen over night for most. It is a slow fade from the person you are to the one you become. A stranger to the people you love. I do not really mean being possessed by a demon per say I just mean the demons that are faced every day. But then something happened to him..he met Jesus and those demons did not stand a chance. In fact, they knew where they were headed, and begged to go in a different direction. That was also probably scary. It does say it scared the people and they wanted Jesus to leave. What do you think scared them? Drastic transformation? These people saw this man every day wild, and then all of a sudden here he is calm. It would scare me too!!

Anyway, I read the other day in one of my devotionals that God writes my story which all the way means He is aware of every thing. Yes, my head knows that, but sometimes it takes a minute to reach my heart. While I was just sitting here imagining being a fly, leave me alone I am tired, this thought passed on by. (No, I did not mean to rhyme there) God wrote his story, too. He was in every word, every comma, and punctuation mark. I know I am going no where with this, but I don’t really figure I have anywhere to really go anyway. It is just my thoughts on this Monday in May that we all have a story. We all have commas and semi colons. And if we belong to the Lord, then we have a best selling author writing our story and while we can choose where that story leads – He is always gently whispering to us toward the way HE is leading. Isaiah 30:21 says this, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”

I want to meet that man when I get to Heaven one day. First, I’ll ask his name. Then I will make him pull up a chair while he tells me his story, because we all know I will never be a fly.

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