It Was The Lord Who Did It

I spent this past week with my niece, and her thirteen year old attitude. I asked myself a lot if I will survive these years, but I see people all around me who have survived so it has to be possible. So, I just count to ten sometimes twenty five it just depends on how many eye rolls she gives me. By the way, I had no idea how many of those were possible until she came into my life. My mom use to say I’m sure as everyone’s mom said, “I hope your kids are ten times worse”. Ok. Well, number one I do not have any children and yet number two I do not know if it is ten times worse but maybe she is close. That could possibly be why I have no children just ones I claim. She knows where to press the buttons, and then lays her sweet little head on my shoulder to make it better. And do you know something? IT WORKS. For some reason, I just all of a sudden forget how she just argued with me about a hair brush being blue. How does that work?

We spent Thanksgiving with my friend, Meghan and her family. It was a really good day full of food and naps. Lots of naps. Oh, and Christmas pj pictures with the pup. I know you are thinking no she did not put that on a Christmas card, but I did. I. Sure. Did. And it is the most precious picture of my monster that I call a puppy. I asked once if there were support groups for dog moms, but people just laugh at that question. When I ask though what it was like with their puppy they say they do not remember. I KNOW why they do not remember now. JD’s face I will say though is so cute that being upset only last five seconds. It is his defense mechanism I am convinced, and it has kept him alive so far. I know I tell you about him like he aggravates me more than brings a smile to my face but that is not true. I am very thankful for the boy. He came into my life in a very veryyyy stressful and hard time, (well, you know that already) and sometimes he is the only reason to get out of bed. You know, so he won’t potty all over the floor, and he has to eat too of course. If I have to eat, he has to eat.

At supper or dinner whatever you prefer to call it, we went around saying what we were thankful for. All last week, I was reflecting on what the Lord has done, and who He has placed around me to love and be loved. When it was my turn to say something, I said the easy one.. I’m thankful for my family. That is true. Probably not the easiest answer, because sometimes that can be the hardest. Well, for me anyway. I have been faced with questions this week that kind of make me want to take back the thankful part. I remind myself however that who would I be if my life were just daisy’s and sunflowers all the time?

I came across this scripture in Psalm 81 during my word search this morning. The first part of it says, “For it was I, the Lord your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt…” I was searching for all of the times someone reminded someone else in the scripture that it was the Lord who rescued their ancestors from the bondage of slavery they faced. Kinda like they were saying to the one who needed encouragement, “Hello. It was the Lord who did this for your great great great times one hundred grandparents so He can do it for you, too. Do you not remember the stories of His saving grace?!” I decided I probably should tell myself that so this morning on my drive to work, I just started saying these things..

It was you, Lord, who brought me out of Egypt.

It was you who set my feet on solid ground.

And it was you who brought redemption in my life.

And on and on and on I went until I could think of no more. When I arrived at work, I fed noname the cat and stalked her babies. This is normal for me do not worry, but in all of that commotion I read one last verse from my word search. Isaiah 53:10 caught my eye in a totally different way, yet just the same. The first part of that verse says, “But it was the Lord’s good plan to crush him and cause him grief…” I had to stop there not because what is coming is bad. It is not at all. Simply because to the one out there today who I don’t know maybe is sad, or dreading the holidays, or lost and confused I would like to say there is hope. Because it was the Lord who sent His son to conquer the grave so that I could live. So you could live. Now, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for me. For you. For the ones who are lost today. It was the Lord who made that possible for us.

I hope one day when I am old that my little thirteen year old attitude of a niece shares with her children that it was the Lord who got her where she is. I hope from generation to generation the stories are shared of how the Lord was faithful in all areas of their life. Because He is, ya know? Faithful. I promise He is EVEN on the worst of days it will always be the Lord who comes through. I hope one day if I get to have kiddos that 1. They are not ten times worse than me and 2. They will know in all of my life through the good and through the bad and through the hard times and scary ones that it was the Lord who carried me through. Nothing else satisfied and nothing else mattered but the story of His amazing grace, and the redeeming work He will continue to do until the day I see Him face to face.


Face to face I shall behold Him, far beyond the starry sky; face to face in all His glory, I shall see Him by and by!

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  1. So true! I’m choosing to remember His faithfulness and all He’s done to bring us out of bondage! I’ve been set free…Oh praise Him! Thank you for sharing. Love you.


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