Keep Singing

“I will sing the Lord’s praises, for he has been good to me.” Psalm 13:6

I left the house today with one shoe on, and broken glasses on my face. I know. It is not Monday, you say. I guess you can have off days even on a Wednesday. I can only pray right now at the moment that I find my other shoe before I get to work. I woke up this morning in a panic and a million thoughts goin through my head. “What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? What about my fish? Crap! I did not get my medicine from the pharmacy yesterday. Why did I not do that?…” so many thoughts. So much panic. And then I just said out loud

“No no no! God. I trust you.” 

When it comes down to it that really is what matters in this, right? Trusting. Trusting with all my heart not just half of it, and not leaning on what I try to understand. I do have a feeling none of it will make sense, but will perfectly fit together in the end. And for some crazy reason there is peace in that. Maybe I just had to have a panic moment to realize that God is even in the panic. He is the God of my mountain tops as well as my valleys, and like David said, “For I will yet praise him, my savior and my God”. (Somewhere in Psalm 42 it says that) When I woke up again this time to open and start my day, I was singing. I did not realize it until I made it back to my room that the song was by MercyMe called “I gotta keep singing”. Crazy, huh? Here are some of the words..

“I gotta keep singing, I gotta keep praising your name you’re the One that’s keeping my heart beating. I gotta keep singing, I gotta keep praising your name because that’s the only way that I find healing.” 

Goin through this craziness in my life right now I quit singing. I did. My music would be playing, but I would be silent. But even when I decided to not sing he still wakes me up with a song, because that is just who He is. Every morning it never fails there will be a brand new song in my head, and I think from now I will choose to sing it. Even the ones I can not hit the high notes on. Before I go off to work, yes I finally found my shoe, I just would like for you to know two things.

  1. I did a word search on praise this morning, and it is all over the book of Psalms. I figure if it is mentioned that many times (a lot) it is very important. I know when I sing or name the things I’m thankful for or whatever I do my mood changes.
  2. My fish, Lou, stares at the top of the bowl every day waiting for bubbles. She is not aware that she is the one who makes the bubbles and also that she can not really eat them. She tries, though. Which means she eats the air and eventually she will be floating sideways. This is a repeated cycle of hers, and I know you are possibly laughing but I am over here wondering why? Why does she do this, and even more why am I entertained by it?

Ok ok. Really, I got to get to work!

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