Friends. Ceilings. Holes. Jesus. In that order.

I have come here several times to write, but nothing comes to mind. I have missed weeks of this, so I thought maybe if I just started writing what is going on in my life something would come of it. So, I will start off by telling you that I have two more fish. Ladies. They are lady fish. I went to just get one I promise, and as we were leaving my niece dropped it straight on the ground. Yes she did and as she stood there watching the fish flop I grabbed it, ran inside, and stuck my hand in the water until the workers got a new container for her to go in. I wish I could make these things up, but it is too good. I ended up with another fish, because we did not know if the injured one was going to live. And my niece was very distraught over the whole situation. I do not know which one was more traumatized her or the fish. Also, the other day I saw a baby bird stick its head out of the nest waiting for its mom to come around. I love to watch the birds, and I know that I sound like I am eighty five right now, but it is true. I really do. It is a hobby, ya know? Bird watching that is. I mean, it is not my hobby, but it could be if I wanted it to be. While we are on this topic of birds I would like to tell you my favorite one. That would be a cardinal. How do you figure that the Lord knew to make the body of the cardinal red to match its orange beak? I guess that is a question I will get to ask when I get to Heaven. Maybe He just loved that bird enough to make it color coordinated.

Here is another one for you. I missed cow day. Sorry, I do not know how to ease you into that piece of information. I. Sara.

Missed cow day.

I did, and I do not even know where to start with that one. I let the cows down, and myself. Truth is, I let people down all the time. Even when it is not cow day. The only One who will never disappoint is the Lord. He does not let people down, and He always keeps His promises. Mrs. Diane told me that once. Or maybe three times I am not real sure if that is accurate information or not but just go with it. Diane is part of my family here. She taught me while I was in the program. She is my hanging buddy, and I do not mean like we hang pictures or from trees. I mean, we hang with each other in the rough spots. And even the not so rough spots. All the spots really. I was reading today about that paralyzed man and his four friends who couldn’t quite get to Jesus because the house was so full. So you know what they did? I will tell you. They dug a hole in the roof and lowered their friend down for Jesus to heal him.

“They couldn’t bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, so they dug a hole through the roof above his head. Then they lowered the man on his mat, right down in front of Jesus.”

Mark 2:4

What an act of true friendship, and the love that had to be between them. Something stuck out to me though that has not ever before. They wanted healing for their friend probably just as much as he wanted it. I mean, who just digs a hole in the ceiling for no reason? No. No. No. There was a big reason. Healing. Healing changes everything! Can I just say that I am thankful tonight so very much for the friends in my life. Now, no one has dug a hole for me, but they have stormed heaven with prayers, stayed up late to talk to me, and believed for healing. That dudes whole life changed that day his friends did whatever it took to get him to the One who could heal him. They fought for him when he could not fight for himself, and because of that he went away walking. Free. Different. Amazed. Happy. I wish I could have seen his face the moment he started walking. I wonder what it was like to be those friends who watched a miracle unfold because of their faith. Because of their love for that man.

I love that story. I guess I should probably go now, and get some sleep. I do have one last thing to say. Tell those friends you love them tonight, because we just never know when we will not be able to say it anymore. And maybe just maybe they need to hear it. ❤️

Night y’all.


  1. Thank you for that! Know that you are loved and your words may help others be lowered through the roof for healing. The Honduras team is leaving on July 22nd. I will be with Cheryl cruising the British Isles. That will be fun, but I will miss Honduras. Know that you have a standing invitation to come to Honduras again with us in January or July – same terms as before. You are good for the Honduran people and they are good for both you and me.

    Sent from my iPad Robert Followell



  2. God Gives and God Takes by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

    God gives opportunities for us to love but not forever. 

    God takes opportunities away after a while.
So don’t hesitate or delay or curse the darkness while remaining mired in sadness and hopelessness, because God gives; and God takes away.
Blessed be the name of the LORD. 

    But why bless the LORD when God takes away? 

    Because if the opportunities were always there, we would wait until the time was just right and never make the leap, and more of life would slip away.
So God gives and God takes;
    Blessed be God’s name.


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