Won’t He do it

Yesterday, I got a text from someone telling me to read 2 Chronicles 20 and look for God’s promises. Yes, I am just going to dig deep into this one without talking about my fish or why shoes are not important. However, I do have a list that could win that argument. About the shoes that is not the fish. I just want to be completely honest today, and tell you that today sucks. It does. Actually this whole week has been overwhelming, but to focus on today and to stay in the moment it really is a hard day. Now, I was told that is normal for me at the moment to be a grumpy pants and overwhelmed. It’s ok they say. Well, it does not really feel ok, but what do I know? My knowledge is in different areas. May I just say something? Thanks.

I am struggling.

I really am, and this morning as I opened up to 2 Chronicles again I made it personal. If you’re not familiar with that chapter I really loved reading it because well my fish is name King Jehoshaphat. And also because I think it is so cool that as the battle raged on once they got to their location every one was already dead. Could you imagine? They did not even lift one finger. I sometimes do not know where those sayings come from. Why would anyone want to lift a finger anyway? Sorry, I probably just ruined that for you it is ok there are better things in life than fingers. I wonder what it was like to be Jehoshaphat in that moment besides having that name. The Lord did exactly what He said He would do, because He never goes back on His word. I say all of that to say this morning I got out a piece of paper and a pen and began to write just like ole Jehoshaphat.

“Whenever I am faced with any calamity such as war, plague, or famine I can come stand in your presence where your name is honored. I can cry out to you to save me, and you will hear me and rescue me. O my God won’t you stop it? I am powerless against it I don’t know what to do but I am looking to you for help. And you say to me, “Do not be afraid! Don’t you be discouraged! This battle is not yours but mine. Believe in me and you will be able to stand firm. Take your position then stand still and watch my victory. I am with you.” From 2 Chronicles 20

I am really having a hard day, but I know even in the hardest of times it will be ok eventually. Because my hope is not in the world but in the One who rescues. So, I will cry. I will be grumpy. I will say dumb things. And I will get through this. There will be victory, and I am very thankful my name is not Jehoshaphat. But if it were I would have the coolest story to tell. All about how one day I cried out to the Lord, and watched Him do the impossible. You know like turning the enemies against each other. Winning the battle that was not mine anyways to fight. I suppose one day I will have a similar story. I will continue to be real and honest for the days ahead, even when that seems brutal, because that is where the healing is. You can come along or not it is up to you. But this I can promise you will not even have to lift a finger if you choose to do so!


  1. Already so many victories!! And I’m sure there will be more because the Victorious One is on your side! He’s already won! Praying for you as you cling to Him and His Word…. love you.

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