Come See

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a Petco to purchase a fish for one of the ladies here. I found the one right away that I loved. He had the most beautiful colors of blue and yellow and white that I just could not turn him down, and while I knew he was the one I could not stop myself from looking at the others. My eye stopped at another one where my heart just fell a little at the sight of what he was living in. So, I now have a confession to make. I walked out with two fish that day, and before you call me names like the fish lady or the fish whisperer I want to defend myself by saying I do not own the little guy. He swims in his lovely new home in someone else’s room. I just knew that day I could not leave him in the filth I found him in, and as a result now he has a home. Yes, I am aware he is just a fish, but somewhere in my heart there is a weird compassion for any animal that lives in a nasty environment. I tried to walk away, but I had to take him with me.

These few days that have passed, and in my rough days that are here the truth is I am thankful my God did not leave me in the filth He found me in swimming alone in the grossness of my choices. Well, I was not swimming. I am not a fish. I was walking. Alone. Carrying the weight of my shame and my guilt that I sometimes still pick up and carry. I was reading this morning about the woman at the well, and how Jesus knowing the situation dove head first into it. There is a part in this story that hit me for the first time. He spoke to someone no one else would, and it raises a question in me that is simple. Am I that kind of love? Ok so maybe it is not that simple, but it could be. He spoke to the hidden sin she was living in and because of that she walked well actually she ran away changed. The first part of John 4:29 says, “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did!” I wish I could have been a fly on someone’s shirt that day as I am sure her whole demeanor had changed. She went from death to life, and the filth she was living in did not seem to matter anymore. I do not know about you, but I want to be that lady. The one who once lived in the filthy darkness now walks in the radiant light of grace. I bet she is thankful as well Jesus decided not to leave her there. That is the coolest thing about Him is He always rescues His children no matter what they dig up for themselves.

As a result of her change others followed. Jesus spoke to the outcast in order to bring more to Himself, but it took an act of obedience on her part. I love this! And I know I am going on a limb here, but maybe she just wanted others to know the One who takes the gross, and the weight away. Can you see her? Tears streaming down, but with the biggest smile saying, (In Sara language) “Come on, I found the Christ. The One who takes away the sins of the world”. And they came. I think we, well I can only speak for me, can learn a lot from this lady who was just headed for some water. She got her water alright, and she was forever satisfied!

By the way, I do not ever whisper to my fish. I speak out loud. Come on guys! They live in water.

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