I’ll See You Again 

Death leaves a mark.
It really does. There is a feeling you get when you receive the news that someone you love is no longer here that I can not explain unless you have been there. That empty, sad feeling. Death does strange things to us. We stay late hours at the house where the loved one lived. We are on the phone forever delivering the news. We cry with one another, and we laugh with one another. Sometimes we just sit in silence, because well there’s that feeling again. That empty, sad feeling. We call everyone we know to make sure that our love is known. We regret. We share stories. We love deeper.

For me though, I am ironing. This is not a laughing matter. I know I am fully aware of the situation at hand. Believe me when I say I just had a meltdown because that thing would not heat up. That is because I did not turn it on. That would help. I do not know how to iron who am I fooling? (I guess myself because no one else is awake.) Basically, I am trying to say I lost one of my favorite people yesterday, and while he is a favorite of mine he was loved by many. I wanted to write mostly because I am sure we have all lost someone. I know I am not alone in that. And when it comes down to it here is the truth.. He met Jesus face to face. What a beautiful picture. You see, I hurt because I lost a person I love, but I rejoice because he is home. I know where he is, and one day I will see him again. Now that is what I hold on to.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his faithful servants.”‭‭ Psalm‬ ‭116:15‬ ‭

So, tomorrow I will get in my car and drive to Pearl, MS. I will see loved ones I have not seen in a long time. I am sure I will witness smiles, laughter, and tears. As well as many stories. There is another thing that death does to us. It brings us closer. Everyone comes together to remember a life that touched theirs, a heart that loved, and a smile that would light up the room. It creates a family. I am so very thankful that even in the sadness there is joy tonight. Even in the pain God will make something beautiful.

Death may leave a mark, but not one eternity can not erase. That separation is not forever. Do me a favor.. tell the ones that mean something to you that you love them. We are never promised another breath. I am going to finish this ironing now. Well, maybe I am.


  1. Such a good reminder to make the most of every moment we have – to love deeply and NOT take things for granted!! Thankful for our eternal home promised to each of us who know the saving power of Jesus Christ!
    Asking the God of ALL comfort to comfort you! 2 Cor 1:3-5. I love you!


  2. (((Hugs))). It’s been a few days since you posted, but better late than never. And sometimes we get all the hugs right away and still need some later…..
    This is kind of weird, but when my grandma died 22 years ago when I was 26, my choice of distraction was ironing. I got the phone call and started ironing even though ironing was certainly not on my to-do list.

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